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Okay, it's been a while but I've finally started the White portion of my Ultimate Ice-Mono Challenge, here's my first update.
Ultimate Ice-Mono Challenge: White

- Started up file, called myself Aokiji and chose Snivy for extra challange with Cheren
- Did the beginning crap and beat Chili earning me the
Trio Badge

- Traded in a Cryogonal egg and hatched it (No special moves breed onto it) naming it Stasis
- Made my way to Nacrene city and easily defeated Lenora for the
Basic Badge

- Did the Pinwheel Forest quest then crossed the Skyarrow Bridge
- Chased Team Plasma then had a pathetic battle with Burgh for the
Insect Badge

That's it for now, Cryogonal has definitely proven that it can be awesome, Cheren's tepig? No problem!

Yellow: 8/8l Crystal: 4/16

Ultimate Fairy-Mono Challenge
Kalos: 6/8

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

On Hold:
Dark - on Gen IV lll Flying - on Gen IV lll Ground - on Gen IV
Psychic - on Gen IV lll Steel - on Gen IV