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Issac Milke - Cafeteria

As Issac finished his meal, he gained some strength back that he had lost over the past two days. He had not eaten or slept, after all. He let out a big yawn and looked down at Trunks, who had just finished eating as well.

"I think it is time for a nap, pal." He said to his companion.
"Grrrrott!" Trunks replied anxiously.

Issac smiled at him and stood up, retuning his bag to his back and grabbing his tray to dispose of it. As he made his way to the trash can, Trunks trotted happily behind him. The two exited the cafeteria and made their ways through the hall, exiting the academy. He looked at the sky then back down at Trunks.

"I'm finally getting a feel for this place." Issac said to him.
"Grrah?" Trunks said as he cocked his head.
"Ha.. nevermind. Come on." Issac said as he started to jog towards the dorms. Trunks followed, not struggling as mush as he did before he evolved.

He so much quicker.. and has so much more energy now. It's incredible.

As the two reached the Raikou Dorm, Issac opened the door with a yawn and let Trunks in first who darted to Issac's room and sat at the door as he waited for Issac to open it.

"Geeez you are impatient!" Issac said as he opened the door.
"Grrrah!" He replied with a smirk.

As Issac entered his room, he put his bag down at the foot of the bed and kicked off his shoes. He set an alarm down and sat on his bed. With his foot, he tapped one of the Pokeballs on his backpack as he unzipped it. Coal came out and began to play with Trunks.

"Here you go," Issac said as he gave Coal some food he brought from the cafeteria.
"Maag!" Coal exerted as he took the food.
"You two play nice and get some rest!" Issac said to his two Pokemon as he laid down. It wasn't long before he dozed off.

Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole
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