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Originally Posted by Chinchou(+_+) View Post
They dont work on Mac, do you know any alternatives?
Do they work with Darwine?

They work under wine (stand alone, at least). I've run into some issues with a-trainer though. However, it's slow enough I recommend getting virtualbox and a copy of windows xp. See if you have an old copy of the xp install disk lying around somewhere.

virtualbox (google it) is free software (and a free download) maintained the same people who made java. In fact, Hackmew's scripting language in XSE is actually distantly related to javascript (and python and ruby and ada), but that's really neither here nor there.
Hey! If you're a tool maker or you have a resource to contribute, but you're not up to trying to make a guide, I'll be happy to try and write one up for you if you want. All I need is a pm and the offsets.
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