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Well, since it's been eons that I've been here, I'll give this a shot:
*My name's Karlos, but people call me Leon, WK... but you can call me however you want.
*I love Shotguns. Don't use them, but they're my favorite type of weapon.
*I have limited friends, because people in Mexico suck. Seriously, they do.
*I'm always sleepy when I'm being trained, at school, or in a similar situation.
*I only drink coffee when it's free.
*I'm not a drinker, so yay.
*I always look totally different in certain situations.
*I avoid social interactions because I can't stand long conversations, especially with topics I'm not interested in.
*I have been cheated Arceus-knows-how-many-times now... Now I don't care about being with any girl (but I could give it a go if one wants).
*I LOVE Captain Crunch. Seriously, you all have no idea how much.
*I'm afraid of honey bees... ;_;
*I don't like fish.
*I don't like dogs.
*I currently work as an Insurance bill account executive, but my dream is to be a game designer.
*Now, as for Pokémon, I loved it ever since I was a little larva.
*As most people that know me know this one, my all-time favorite (SERIOUSLY favorite) is Lugia. Its design, its power, its majesticness in the movie... wow.
*Gen-2 Misty is so beautiful...
*Kids suck now.
*Final Fantasy 7 kicks ass.
*I got hit by a flying coin once... can't remember value, though.
*I'm not a good sports person.
*I don't like social gatherings. Specially from workmates.
*I'm a bit chubby, though that's going to change soon...
*I always dream of being able to fly naturally.
*I like art. Though I suck at drawing. Still, I like art.
*I made an anime story, all in my head of course. But I remember everything from it by heart.
*I've had a heart attack in '09 and now my heart only works 80%.
*If I ask a question, I expect a direct and straight answer.
*I love peanut butter and jelly... *singing banana pops out*
*I love all kinds of music, but some video game tracks really pump me.
*I don't give a **** about fashion.
*Sometimes I feel like I'm getting old... T_T
*There are some people from this Community I miss... specially one in particular... u,u
*I also have a certain degree of endless patience. Try it out. (Not really).
*I'm open to meeting new people and friends, so feel free to talk to me. I give candy.
*Also, I live in Mexico. It kind of sucks, but is a good country. So come by and make it more popular!
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