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Originally Posted by g3mer!
Just played the final version for 5 mins ....and don't take it as an offense but it was really rashed....the text was merely edited some refered proffesor as birch others mentioned him with different name. there was a sign that gave me 386 watmel berries, may was hunting birch with a stick, found a lv1 wild suicune , prof's lab looks like a gym and mac os x healing centers ?!
So, is this meant to be the freaking final????NO WAY!Beta 7.0 out soon.
Beta 7.1 with fixed text(and new text) out a couple of weeks after Beta 7.0.
Beta 7.2 with fixed graphics due to come out in 1 months' time.This is the end of the 'Dark Ages' of BlackGranite X.The brand-new CapuMon:BlackGranite X:Fixed Edition Beta 7.0 will amaze you.

Short FAQ
Why Beta 7.0?
It's not Beta 1 but Beta 7.0 because it's the continuation of Pokemon BlackGranite X.
CapuMon was the first name for Pokemon.It stands for 'Capsule Monsters'.The games Pokemon Red&Green in Japan were first called 'CapuMon Red&Green'.

Any further questions you may have, just ask :-)

PS.The base is still Emerald :-).
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Advance-Map(version 1.90) running under OS X Mountain Lion

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