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Day 01 - Your favourite video game(s)
My favourite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I've poured hundreds of hours into all the different versions of it since it was first released and I still love it to pieces. (I'd probably just play it all the time if I didn't have such a huge backlog to get through.) I played it again the other month after not touching it for over a year and I just had so much fun. I love the characters, gameplay, story, everything.

A close second is probably Tales of the Abyss.

Day 02 - Your least favourite video game(s)
Toss up between Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Epic Mickey. At least with the former I didn't really have many expectations to be ruined since I hadn't really been looking forward to it or anything, but the latter? I was expecting a great game and I really didn't enjoy it when I finally got to play it. :( It was beyond disappointing. I still finished both of the games but man I regret playing/buying them. Waste of time and money.
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