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Chief Lynn Hawkeswood
While Lynn focusssed her efforts to distract the Spiritomb, the Gastly that were dispersed in her initial discharge on the pack had called for backup. The three Gastly appeared behind the two strongest members for a sneak attack. The Ampharos spotted the two behind Ewan, and so did Nam, who took care of them with her ice attacks. She checked her tail to find that a third Gastly hasted towards her. She sparked up and jumped out of the way for Nam's ice attacks, and sent a thundershock the Spiritomb's way.

“Why isn't he putting up any effort?” she thought when the surge of electricity simmered down from her body, and the vortex pokémon seemed visibly distraught. Sparks crackled from its gaseous form. It must have been paralysed, surely! Nam struck at an opportune moment with her ice attacks to sufficiently weaken their foe. The gastly were taken care of, and the Spiritomb was struggling to move.

Ewan seized his chance and aimed a short red arm at the Spiritomb. It glew in a green aura that projected straight towards the ghost pokémon. It enveloped him and he started sucking his energies to restore his damages. With a cheeky smirk on his face, the Breloom let the Spiritomb restore his wounds, which it had afflicted upon him. He retracted his arm and the beam ceased to exist. It dissipiated to a small stream, and then gradually broke up. Rather than stay and fight until it would faint, the Spiritomb sagged through the floor and uttered a few disgruntled murmurs. Just a little ectoplasmic pool of purple remained on the floor where the Spiritomb once floated above.

It was rather silent now. Some items were blown over, and the three Gastly remained stuck in the ice, frozen in time and space it seemed with their same confident grins on their faces as though they had never been attacked. “Everyone okay?” Lynn asked. “Good as new,” Ewan laughed. Not a bruise was to be spotted on the kangaroo-like mushroom pokémon.

The group re-assembled in the middle of the room. “Right, guys. I think we should face it. We've been set up,” Lynn announced, “and whoever posted the job needs to be traced quickly. The Woodland Wanderers won't just be made fools out of.” “We should return to the Guild Hall. He said something about the Dark Druids over there,” Ewan noted. Lynn agreed. It was an obvious ambush, and the job poster was just as much an accomplice to this insult to her guild. “We gotta move quick,” she said. The breloom held her back with a paw wrapped around her arm. “You're injured, Lynn, you should get healed up first, if there really is an attack ongoing right now...we should be prepared,” Ewan reasoned. Lynn sighed and turned back. She reached into the pouch of her russet brown satchel. “Anybody else need some?” she asked.
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