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Originally Posted by Vayden View Post
Well, I dont want to create any sort of harassment or insult here, but still, thats quite ridiculous. I have spent some time watching the developement of dawn by now, with all of its ups and downs. krissel indeed deserves credit for all the work he put into it. even if you have rewritten parts of the code, the main part still belongs to him, and should be published with his name attached to it. anything else would'nt be fair.
If I was him, I wouldnt drop it either, because its his work.
Maruno should really start handing out the infractions. I have already stated that the code in the engine is mine and not his apart from some utility classes and some bits of code I did not feel like redoing. I don't see how you can tell I built upon their engine from just seeing some pictures of the GUI of the map editor. If you don't want to believe me then do so, I really don't give a **** about what people think of me. Do people here not think with their head for a second?
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