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Earth 616, a world of heroes and villains, gods and monsters. Since the initial experiments into taking mankind to the next step of evolution in the 1940’s countless men and women have found great power thrust upon them, and made the decision for themselves where their responsibilities lie. Genius playboys design technologically advanced battle suits, cosmic rays bombard young astronauts and radioactive spiders bite high school students...Heroes are forged. A scientist, obsessed with power experiments on himself until an abomination is created, a child unwillingly thrust into the criminal world rises to becomes its kingpin, a media mogul convinces a private investigator to change his life forever... villains arise. A thousand ways to gain special abilities suddenly seemed possible, but one day, people began to develop powers and abilities seemingly spontaneously. Along with, or even without, these new powers physical aberrations also became more common. A third eye, skin that flows like water, serpentine scales... these people became known as Mutants.

Mutants. People who possess the X-Gene that allows them to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. The mutant gene typically manifests itself at puberty along with the bodies other major changes, but can develop at any point, even in the womb. Society grew to fear these individuals for their differences and power, ostracising them. Some Mutants responded violently, unleashing their new-found strength on the ones who persecuted them.Some even began to believe that Mutants were the next stage in human evolution and should be held above normal people in society, launching terrorist campaigns to reach these ends.

But a man, a Mutant, of peace emerged. Professor Charles Xavier, fatherly and wheelchair bound, fought for Mutant rights using peaceful methods and encouraging other Mutants to set the example for humanity rather than attempt to rule over it. He formed a school for Mutants where they could study and feel safe from the cruelty of the outside world, training them to control their powers safely and use them for the betterment of all, not just Mutants. Graduates from this program became X-Men, heroes in their own right, and stand proudly amongst Earth’s greatest champions.


Professor Xavier’s message has been largely successful, and Mutants are now generally treated as normal members of society. Their political situation could perhaps best be compared to that of the openly Gay in many communities. Largely accepted, but vehemently hated by some sections of society, with their rights tenuously vague at best and openly threatened at worst. Many classes of X-Men have graduated from Professor Xavier’s school and moved on to become legends amongst young Mutants and humans alike.

But now, it is time for a new term to start, and new Mutants to start their journey to become X-Men.


You are a Mutant, young or old, who has been accepted into The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. You have been at the X-Mansion for a few days now, settling in and receiving your syllabus for the coming year. Perhaps you are incredibly strong, able to lift monster trucks clean over your head without breaking a sweat. Or can you read the minds of others, learning their deepest secrets in a heartbeat? Or perhaps your eyes are just slightly farther apart than is normal .Whatever your ability or physical alteration, so long as you have the X-Gene you qualify as a Mutant, and as a potential X-Man. You will spend the coming years learning to control and hone your abilities, and you will be put to the test not only in the classroom, but against some of Earth's most dangerous villains.


I will be accepting four to six players for this Roleplay. Please fill in the following sign-up and post it in the OOC thread.

Human Name:

Mutant Name:

Age: (15+)



Appearance: (Minimum one paragraph)

Personality: (Minimum two paragraphs)

History: (Minimum of two paragraphs)

Mutation: (Describe your ability, power or physical mutation in as much detail as possible. Your ability should preferably begin reasonably weak, or you should experience difficulties controlling it. Abilities with a wide scope for learning new/unusual applications or developing secondary mutations will receive extra attention)

Writing Sample: (Please provide a writing sample detailing EITHER When your ability first manifested OR First arriving to the X-Mansion. There is no minimum or maximum sample – please write naturally)


  • Follow all PokeCommunity and Roleplay Corner Rules.
  • This Roleplay is rated M for Mature. Please avoid excessive use of coarse language. Romance is allowed and encouraged, but please keep physical expressions to kisses and cuddles – the rest happens behind closed doors. Description of violence is acceptable, but please avoid unnecessary gore.
  • Please remain active, posting a MINIMUM of once a week. If you need to be away from the RP for a time please inform me in advance so we can arrange something off-screen for your character to be doing.
  • You are very welcome to have laser eye beams. But you may not have concussive red eye blasts that are contained by ruby quartz glasses or visors. You are also welcome to teleport. But you may not be a blue furred, devil tailed German circus-priest called Daycrawler. Blatant rip-offs of existing characters will be ignored. Also, characters claiming to be the relatives of existing Marvel characters will be ignored.
  • Please keep use of existing Marvel characters to a minimum, and always consult the GM before introducing any.
  • Godmodding, bunnying, powergaming, metagaming and all variations thereof unto perpetuity are strictly forbidden.
  • Please keep OOC to the OOC thread and IC to the IC thread. No spam please.
  • I (Synthet) am the GM. My word is law. I am a collaborator at heart, but there will be times where what I say goes. Please respect this, or you will be asked to leave the RP.
  • Be fair with your fellow players. Co-operate. Make THEIR characters look good rather than your own, and they will return the favour. Give them the spotlight and down the line they will give it to you.
  • Have fun!


IMPORTANT NOTE – This Roleplay is not set during or after a specific story arc in the Marvel Universe. It should be assumed that the majority of characters are in the role they are best known for. Norman Osborne is the Green Goblin, Cyclops is a respected leader of the X-Men and Magneto is villainous. If you wish to know the current state of a specific character, please message me.

The Marvel Universe – Earth 616. Earth 616 is very similar to our own, with the addition of super powered individuals. Here is a link to a wiki page that describes the setting in far greater detail than I have already done, or could hope to do.

The X-Men - The X-Men are Mutants that have graduated (or are currently performing well) in The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. They are ambassadors for Mutant kind, rescue workers and superheroes rolled into one. Again, here is provided a link to a wiki page describing the X-Men and their exploits.

The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters – Also known as the X-Mansion the school is situated in Westchester County, New York, and covers several acres of ground. The main building is Neoclassical in design and contains dorm and classroom facilities for a large student body. The school boasts numerous sporting facilities and a state of the art computer lounge.

Beneath the mansion is a sprawling underground complex boasting science labs, a psychic amplification device and The Danger Room – a training chamber for developing mutant abilities in combat scenarios.


First of all, welcome! I hope the above information makes sense to you – I found it surprisingly difficult describing a world I am so familiar with. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to describe the sort of Roleplay I’m trying to construct here. The concept is that players will play new mutants, recruited by the X-Men and currently in training. We will see your characters interact and forge friendships or rivalries, train their powers and increase in ability and confidence. They will be deployed on missions – combat and otherwise – learning more about the Marvel Universe as they go. Unique villains and support characters will be created for you to interact with, while Marvel characters will have cameo’s and possibly take on larger roles as the RP progresses. Our focus is character development, along with exploration of the plot I have created.

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