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Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
This is true, I won't be playing it either, not for the reason of graphics, but, I don't understand your OP...

I don't get it?

Familiar friends? In all fairness, after HG/SS, I stopped following Pokémon... And I haven't played HG/SS for many years now... So all these "familiar" faces, are not faces I know of...

I don't want to know what you're doing to that Eevee...
The yellow man looks a little odd...
I like Prof.Oak looking a little older though...
The battle has gone back to Gen I style, doesn't look too bad either...
The gym leader is oddly shaped, what did you do to him?!
Oh wait, I just got to the last screenshot, is that not meant to be Prof. Oak?!

Good idea, but how would I show you proof? Let us know.
Why does it have to be a race to beat the game, are we not allowed to explore the region you've created... Do we not have to grind a little to level Pokémon?


I won't be downloading that thanks, I don't know what it is, you could be giving me a virus :O why would you give me a virus I haven't done anything to you

I'm assuming then, that this is when players complete the game... You will add them here?

Who are the Evil Team Venom, you don't mention them anywhere, I think, I didn't notice a hidden link anyway... If this game is a race to the finish, why would I attempt the PokéDex challenge... What's Aloma League Conference?

I like to give people incentive to progress... So here's mine to you, touch up a few things, for a start, I'd like more info, lot's of info, so much info that it's almost as if I'm reading a script for a movie... Not really, but you get the idea... Info that doesn't contradict itself, like what you've done with the Legendaries and Master Balls... A completed game in 5 months... Impressive, but it shows... I've said to people in the past, don't rush, and that seems exactly what you have done... I can imagine errors all over the place, do I want to take a chance on that, in case I forget to save after a gym and rival battle that took me 4 attempts to beat, no... That download to enhance game play, um, what is it?

The good thing about this is, you've completed a game which will push others to do the same.

I do hope you get many followers who, despite mine and Varions criticisms, play and complete this game, with no problems and have fun doing so... Until I see further progress, this is just another game I will lurk in the backgrounds and comment where I feel necessary... Obviously I have a few concerns, hopefully I get answers or pointed in the right direction on the answers, so the concerns can fade away. Good luck nonetheless.
You're correct about the post being confusing. :/ That screenie with the Eevee wasn't supposed to look like that, and I'm not trying to give you a virus, the game won't work If you don't download it.

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