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I'm comfortable drawing females or Pokemon/animals. I can't draw human males at all. I also don't have a lot of practice working with humans in graphic banners. To break out of my comfort zone, I've made shops elsewhere or I've practiced with human renders. Even so, I find it really difficult to hone any banner making skills. There's just so much to consider when making a banner. After like two hours, some banners still look like crap to me. I put way too many effects into them. xD

My main tool is Photoshop, though I have dabbled quite a bit in PaintTool Sai. I prefer doing my lineart in PS and coloring in Sai. I still draw traditionally, using pencil and paper. I don't have any good markers nor color pencils. I wish I had a drawing tablet to speed up the entire process.

I have to be incredibly inspired or 'in the zone' to start up drawing. I can't make anything good out of a doodle. I don't think much of my artistic talents. After all, I was getting mediocre grades in art class in high school, causing me to switch over to psychology as my elective.

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