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So it's been an awfully long time since I've posted any of my artwork to this forum! ...Sadly, I don't have much in the way of newer finished stuff (that's pokemon related, anyway, I've been lazy with actually finishing pieces lately), but I do happen to have some sketches I can show off!


Not too long after Sylveon was revealed, I thought I should draw one. The mental image I got when I looked at it was of a cat chasing butterflies,'s Sylveon batting at some beautiflies.


I love Purrloin, so I decided to sketch it in a semi-realistic style and-- hey, where did my watch go?

Fake pokemon:
Two fake pokemon I made up, fire/grass types inspired by the Cinnamon Bird

The first stage. Tentatively calling it "Cinnamini" (for lack of a better name).

This is actually an older sketch, but since it's related to the above I'm including it as well.

Random lizard:

Had this little guy in a dream of mine once. I was trying to get a better hold of what it looked like.


Trying to get a handle on what a realistic Cobalion might look like. Looking at this, I'm definitely aware my scanner sucks at scanning certain things. Eesh.

Altaria evo:

Older thing, but still one I like. The original idea was for a contest to make an evolution for a pokemon based on using the King's Rock...this was the thing I was originally going to submit (I went with a skarmory evo instead).

Thank you for looking. :D
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