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Quote originally posted by jesalbeta:
I don't think they work well anyways...
Like I just said, there ARE no 3DS emulators. Theres only some fake sites meant to get your information.

Quote originally posted by Varion:
A friend on MSN told me once she was playing Harvest Moon 3DS on a 3DS emulator.
She lied. >.<

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
The only 3DS "Emulator" is that questioner one which is just hoax.
There's no functional emulator for 3DS yet. Maybe DeSmuME developers go for it in future
Theres people working on it. I doubt DeSmuME is, but I know people are. And as I've said before, there are no programs that open Nintendo's 3D picture files, not even in a 2D format. Even DeSmuME can't solve that.

As for now, just buy the game or wait.
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