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Wow, I am so glad you decided to post a gallery.

This work is really great. I mean, these are seriously stunning. I know they're not full fledged pieces, but I can tell that you're extremely comfortable with a pencil. I think that's what this gallery speaks volumes of, actually. Because, again, these aren't completed drawings... but it displays so well your sheer talent. Especially when it comes to animal anatomy. Do you generally draw animals? Because it shows. The poses are all so natural looking and that Purrloin is just.. amazing.

I think the other thing I love is the fact that I can identify the characters personalities. I feel like I get a really great sense of who your Sylveon is and who your lizard fakemon is through their positioning and gesture. Actually, I just found the word. Your characters are organic and easy to relate to. They really look like solid Sugimori-esque work. I also adore how expressive the eyes are on all your drawings. I mean, they're not overly detailed, but that's kind of the beauty of it.

Hm, I don't know about anyone else.. but I'd really love to see that Skarmory drawing! n_n;

This was such a treat to see. I'm not just going to tell you "you should..", nope, I demand that you keep updating this. The simple fact that this is the first time I've seen your work is nothing short of a crime. Really though, you have no idea how much seeing this made my day. I sincerely hope you continue to post your drawings cause I could stare at these forever. :x
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