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Quote originally posted by machomuu:

And I was really looking forward to seeing Tharja's nice a-

UM...I MEAN...I'm appalled at how Japan objectifies women, shame on them.

Not only that, but they took out the sparkles!

Ahem, for the good of America, I support this.

Quote originally posted by ManaphyLv100:
One word: Frederick.
Man, is that guy a badass. And I paired him with Nowi, just because. Actually, it was Awkward Zombie's fault, but still.
I had Robin marry Lissa in my first playthrough, because Lissa's cute. Went with Normal/Classic, even though it's my first FE. Now I'm playing it again on Hard/Newcomer. It's quite a different experience.
Lon'qu with Lethality is about the coolest thing ever, besides the aforementioned Frederick. It's awesome when you get: 'How well will you die?' Splat! Especially if you couldn't normally have killed the target.
And characters that die in the final boss come back when you play the same save again. Saves me trying to keep them all there.
I do wish that the sound test was like the Sky Jukebox, though.
You like Frederick? 0.o To be honest, he isn't bad, but be isn't all that great either. That's the thing with jeigans, they seem awesome at first, but then lag behind everyone else later. And the reason the characters come back after you defeat the final boss is because you technically can't beat it. Haven't you noticed that it just resets the save file back to before you played it? Either that, or I'm going senile already D:
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