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Originally Posted by kearnseyboy6 View Post
Hey, sorry I have been staring at this for days and changing some values in the offset 0x464300 but seem to be getting no where... I'm sorry to ask but I can't find the data. I know they are 4-bit entries for an overworld but I can't see the slightest resemblence in similar overworlds or even search a colour. Eg the red is FF0000 I assumed?
The color system is 24-bit, right?
In that case, if every entry there is only of four bits, the entries can have all the values between 0 and F, and sounds like they could instead work as palette pointers instead of actual palettes. If there are 16 different memory slots reserved for palettes in total, this is probably how it works out.

If you want to find the palettes these refer to, use a debugger and set a breakpoint to the "table pointer" and follow the code from there.
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