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Originally Posted by Dratizard View Post
Hi there.
I know I haven't posted for a long time, but I've been doing some hunting. On Black 2, I've been MMing Caterpie. I thought it would be easy because of its fast hatch rate, but I was very wrong. I intend to finish the Pokedex after finding it, so I can RE with some hope. I have also been SRing Rayquaza on SoulSilver, which in my opinion is the coolest shiny ever (don't tell Giratina).
Neither one of my hunts have been successful. Do you guys know any tricks to hunt faster? You seem to get a few hundred SRs in one day.

I would jump of joy if I found a shiny.
Welcome back! It's good to see you again! I hope Caterpie appears soon

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
The May Monthly Quest!!

It's the month of May! I don't know why they named a month after May (Brock totally deserves to have a month named after him), but we're going to celebrate all of Ash's companions!

To complete this month's Quest, find two shinies who were at one point owned by Ash or one of his companions! You can acquire it in any evolutionary stage - for example, Grimer will count for the Quest, even though Ash only had Muk.

You can find a list of the Pokemon they've owned here:

The contest lasts until midnight EST on June 1st, 2013.

Good luck and have fun!

(I'll make my personal post later on when I have more time!)
Definitely going to be attempting this one :3

As for me - I'm trying to get 1,000 starters (333 SRs on two systems) done per day. It's just the right amount. As of now I have 2682 (894) done.

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