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Quote originally posted by oxysoft:
Like I said, think whatever you want of me but I've got almost a thousand people following my work, I could care less about what a few people think of me. I refuse to show my source code because I want this to be my project and I fear that some master of C# may pick it up and render me irrelevant.
If you're as good as you think you wouldn't be rendered irrelevant. Secondly, how are you gonna create a pokemon engine and not be willing to release it open source, its not like you have any legal rights to the code. The more you go on and on and are reluctant to release the code it make me think your hiding something.

Do what you want ultimately its up to you. But even if you come out with something stable you might lose alot of potential users because they will think the engine is not yours.

Also I gotta ask, where do you come up with your numbers? over 1000 followers? Really? how did you get that statistic..