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I've already been into Hex Editing for editing texts and a few textures for a PSP game but that was 3 or 4 years ago... I decided to start all over learning it again but decided to change the sprites and some images for Pokemon Crystal and found out that getting back to hacking isn't much like riding the bicycle again after a long time of not riding one...

I've managed to edit a couple of sprites and some tiles but what I'm trying to edit now is the Frames. I found (I think) the location of the Type 1 Frame in the ROM (using Tile Layer Pro) but for some reason, when I play the game, it's still the same as it was before. Opening the ROM again in TLP shows that it's already been edited. I'm sure (well, I believe I am) that it is indeed the right sprite/tile to edit as I've followed the "Textbox Editing" Tutorial to find the things I want to change.

I hope somebody can share and help me out. Thanks!