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Hey there! First, I'd just like to say, AWESOME hack. I'm having tons of fun playing it :D

However, I'd just like to report a bug that just made me lose a hell of a lot of data: I'm currently in Ciprus, I have the city's badge and I'm on the third mission (I think... I never went to talk to Giovanni but I found a grunt who started a mission for me). Anyways, when I go in the Pokemon Center and heal my Pokemon, the game's colors reverse and it freezes. Probably my fault for not saving for three hours, but y'know... it was a bummer.

Anyways, I got myself back up to that point, saved before going in, and checked to see if it was still a problem and it was.

If someone's already reported this, my apologies. Just wanted to let you know. But nonetheless, it's a great hack
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