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Sylvia Hanson

Sylvie walked from Oak Town to the nearby academy buildings, somewhat content with the day. She had, somehow, ended up with a free day on her schedule and had been using it to run errands like finishing homework - well, dormwork - and collecting supplies for her, admittedly small team. She was currently heading to the schools library to return an article on ice-types she had read on a brief break.
Interesting, the methods of countering the weaknesses of ice pokemon people use are ingenious - but it seems that teaching moves to counter the weaknesses, despite being a basic strategy, is the most effective and most common method.

Sylvia was snapped out of her thoughts as she walked past the cafeteria, due to a soft thump on her leg. She looked down to see a Pichu climbing to its feet from the floor, staring up at her.

Zayne Alta

Zayne continued his vigil as he watched the numbers thin, there were now only about 10 of his class left, with a large chunk of his class having been eliminated by sharper students earlier on than he had expected. He was right in his guess that his class were widely ranging in ability he thought as he watched an Espeon get the upper hand on a Shinx.
Time to see how they react to something unexpected then

Zayne reached for his pokeballs grabbing the one that contained his Staraptor, Andromeda, and releasing her.
"We're not in this for the battle" he explained "I just want you to rip through there with an Arial ace and come back, it doesn't even matter if you hit anything, I just want them to have to use their pokemon to adapt to the situation."

Andromeda launched herself into the fray, tearing across the field with a loud battle cry.
This should be interesting.

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