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Here's another one of my ideas. I have been thinking about making a clan that promotes a friendly atmosphere for any sort of battler, with a small focus on new players. The clan would be split up into two threads; one in E&G for sign-ups and clan events, the other in BC which would work as a discussion and team building hub. It would essentially be a club that's designed for helping other clan members improve their battling and team building skills. People can post in the discussion thread asking for help like "I have this core of 3 Pokemon, but any ideas on how to make it from here?", but it wouldn't be limited to just that. The discussion thread could host discussions on what team everyone has been currently using, and others can provide assistance on improving it. Clan members would strive to help each other get better by having clan battles that involve providing criticism on their opponent's decisions, asking their opponent why they made a certain move, and so on. Maybe clan members can post strategic battles they've just had; something that others could learn from. The possibilities with this clan are endless, and we could do a lot with it. But in the end, the goal of this clan is to form a close-knit community of battlers, something that BC lacks currently. One could argue that this is what BC should be in the first place, but I'm thinking that having this clan could help form a community from the beginning. We would be taking advantage of that feeling you get from being in a club or clan.

I've read other opinions about people losing interest in a game, but then successfully reviving their old spark by helping others in a somewhat intimate way. Maybe this could work for me, who knows.

tl;dr: The gist of it is a clan with a close community that strives to help other out in any way they can, and also provide a friendly atmosphere so new players can come in on the fun. It's like a typical clan, a tutoring corner, a Daily Chit-Chat thread, and a team building club rolled into one.

"Like" this if you want to support the idea.