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added some new screenshot for the Lavender Tower Arc. The new screenshot will give an idea what's the mission. Furthermore, the a new trainer type: "Zombie".

Originally Posted by GozetaGX View Post
I saw the sprite of yellow..Kinda look a bit weird since you can see yellow forehead the most then her hair..Is that the sprite when we is still a kid or what?I found some nice yellow sprite anyway if interested...You can see it here XD
Yeah I totally rushed Yellow low. I created all the Gym Leader first, and then i noticed I lefted out yellow, so I quickly whip it out, don't worry I'll change it if I want you to fight Yellow later. But yeah, I constantly change the sprite. So the trainer sprite for Green is only temporary as well.

Originally Posted by bryan_e09 View Post
wow! This is sooooo coooool! I can now play what I have read recently Hope this finishes soon! I support this game so much!
Thank you. Although, the first beta hav 1 freeze issue. Furthermore, I've changed several stuff for the upcoming beta.

Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
Oh a manga hack. Haha. Great. But, will we also get an awesome Pikachu with le Volt Tackle and whatsoever? Sweet!
Yeah sure, why not.