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Shadow Adler

"NIP! COME BACK!" Shadow shouted running through the forest stumbling over branches on the floor. Nip just jumped out of his arms and ran, Shadow hoped it was that Nip found a wild pokemon, because if Nip has done a runner Shadow would be stuck in the forest. "There yo-" Shadow said and stopped mid sentence Nip has found a pokemon. It was red with black spots on there back, Shadow opened up the pokedex
'Ledyba, the Five Star Pokémon. These naturally gentle Bug-types gather in groups during cold weather to keep warm' The mechanical voice informed Shadow. Shadow quickly reminded himself of Nip's moves. He was disappointed that Nip only knew 2 attacks, as he honestly didn't know what the other moves would do. But he felt he may as well try one of them.
"Nip, use sand attack!" Shadow said, to Nip. And Nip seemed to kick sand in Ledyba's eyes. Although it confused Shadow due to the fact there is no sand in a forest, but the name did give a meaning. Ledyba tried to shake the sand out of it's eyes before attacking, and it through it self at Nip and missed. 'It must lower accuracy!' Shadow thought. And Shadow pushed back curiosity at what the other moves do and decided to properly attack. "Nip use Iron tail!" and Nip's tail turned to iron and hit Ledyba, but it still got back up. It tackled Nip successfully this time and knocked Nip down. "Are you ok?" Shadow said, as much as he enjoyed battling he didn't like seeing his pokemon being hurt. It was always a relief to see Nip get up, even though it was only his second battle. "Ok tackle!" Shadow said and Nip forced into Ledyba at full speed. Knocking it down again. "Quick tackle again!" Shadow said as Ledyba was getting up. And then Nip and Ledyba tackled into each other. Nip must have been stronger as Ledyba hit a tree behind. And Nip had won. "YES! WELL DONE!" Shadow said jumping to the ground to congratulate Nip. He then saw a berry, it must have been the Ledyba's Shadow picked it up anyways he knew it would be useful. It was a Pecha berry,his sister knew alot about berrys. "You ready to go on?" Shadow asked Nip, who was ready to run off, looking for more pokemon. 'Maybe I should try and catch a pokemon' Shadow thought. He saw something in a bush, it looked like an ear, yellow and black. Nip ran to the bush, but whoever was in it ran. Nip ran after it, not wanting another one get away. And it took 10 minuets for Nip to chase and Shadow to run behind before the pokemon revealed itself. Shadow recognized it but took out his pokedex just to check.
'Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pichu. Pikachu's tail is sometimes struck by lightning as it raises it to check its surroundings.' Said the voice of the pokedex. Shadow smiled, his younger sister Lilly loved pikachu. Although she always called it 'Chu' then would make a train noise and walk round going 'Chu Chu!'. Shadow smiled at this memory, and decided he will try and catch the pikachu.
"Nip are you ready, but be careful. This one is going to be our friend" Shadow said, and Nip turned round before facing the pikachu again "Use... tackle!" Shadow said thinking of an attck which would be too strong. And the attack knocked pikachu down but just for a bit. And when pikachu rose he shot electricity at Nip. He fell to the floor. "NIP!" Shadow cried, but Nip got up. But Shadow could see he was weak. This was his 3rd battle with nothing to regain strength. Shadow thought about fleeing, but Nip looked at him with determined eyes. He wanted pikachu as a friend too. "Ok... Use tackle..." Shadow said nervous. And watched as Nip threw himself at pikachu, putting in all he could. The pikachu got down and stayed down for longer than the first, but got up and shot more electricity. Nip fell down and forced himself up, he had one more attack in him. "Nip, use iron tail if you want. I don't want you to get hurt for me..." Shadow said, scared. He was not cut out for this trainer stuff, he covered his eyes and look through a small gap as Nip used Iron tail. Pikachu looked weaker but shot electricity at Nip. Nip fell, he had no more fight left. "NIP!" Shadow said ran and scooped Nip into his arms. He grabbed a pokeball from his poket and through it at pikachu. And watched in anticipation as it rocked, cradling Nip in his arms.

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