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Rosalyn Smith and Sage Smith

Rosalyn smiled at the younger girl who had stammered out that the seat wasn't taken. "Thanks, I'm Rosalyn Smith by the way, go by Rosie, What's your name?" she asked sitting down as Eris jumped on the desk she sat down at.

"Since a few of you have made it I'll go ahead and start class" Sage said stnading up. He saw Rosalyn and Iny seated side by side and near the back of the room were a few boys in yellow jackets. "My name is Sage Smith, and I'm your teacher for anything involving berries and poffins. Today's lesson is simple. I'm going to give each of you a berry and you have to identify it and write down what it does. Once that is done your free to go. If you have any questions just ask me." he said walking around the room to put a berry on each desk. A red berry with a curly stem was placed on Iny's desk, while Rosalyn received a round green berry. "You may keep the berries by the way" he added sitting back at his desk as he finished.

Easy, a Lum Berry. Sage went on and on about these things when we were younger she thought taking out a piece of paper and writing Lum Berry at the top and then writing that it cured all status ailments. Putting her pencil away and the Lum Berry in her bag she stood and took her paper to the front. "Here you go...sir" she forced out and Sage nodded taking the paper.

"Very nice, you did learn a few things when you were younger" he said softly enough only they could hear. "I wish you'd realize I only want to help you Rose-Bud"

Rosalyn frowned. "Don't call me that Sage, you know I hate it. You always go out of your way to irritate me." she said softly back. "For the past year I've taken great care of myself I don't need your help" she added.

"I do it because I care Rosie. You can go, you've completed your lesson" he added with a sigh and Rosalyn nodded going back to her desk and walking out of the room, waiting in the hallway for the girl she had spoken to with Eris at her side.

Oerba Dia Vanille

Vanille smiled as she neared the cafeteria. "This place is Amazing Merida. I can't wait to tell mom and dad everything" she said excitedly.

"Skitty! Skit! Skit-ty!" Merida yipped happily rubbing against Vanille's legs before spotting a girl about her age, and size with dirty-blonde hair with a Pichu at her feet.

"Hello!" she smiled happily making her way to the other girl, being careful not to scare the Pichu. "are you new here too?" she asked kindly before remembering to introduce herself. "I'm Oerba Dia Vanille by the way. But I go by Vanille." she said extending her hand. "What's your name?"


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