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Okay, there was one thing I noticed in the beginning, even though there is no sand in the forest, you would use dirt. Eevee isn't a ground, rock, steel or such type, and therefore cannot materialize sand out of mid-air. Overall nice post. A few tweaks. Next time, make your capture battle a little longer, I was kind of forced to give you the Pikachu, because otherwise you would have been Pokemonless in the woods in the middle of a forest...

You found nothing :-( Nip grew to level 7. The Pokeball shakes once. Twice. Three times. Click!

You have captured a level 3 Pikachu knowing Growl and Thundershock. Its ability is Static.

(You have encountered 2 common, and 1 rare. You need one more common, or 2 more uncommon to encounter another rare. You can encounter one rare on commons.)

FIRST GMING EVER: You see a man wearing a brown vest and cap walking towards a small house muttering, "They're gonna kill me!". What do you do? (P.S. The house is the one you need to get into by the end of this chapter, so please end your post with going inside.)
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