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I saw this and I thought I'd correct it. It's a neat little feature that is in .S files.

Play it in VBA. If you hear crackling, It's because your song is TOO LOUD.
In A.S. just lower the tracks and keep re-inserting the song until it goes away.
Another way to do this, is to open your .S file in a text editor, and look for the following line:
	.equ	name_of_s_file_mvl, 128
Change the 128 to something lower, this line controls the overall volume of a .S file. You can adjust this and change the volume without having to convert your song over and over again. Otherwise, you have a very good tutorial coming along here. It'll probably need a bit of touching up here and there with the release of newer programs and whatnot, but you definitely have a good start.
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