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Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
Well, here's my comment. His outline still looks messy. It looks dotted especially that part of his round head. It's so rough and looks a little distorted. (Like when you take a large sprite and resizing it without anti-aliasing). I suggest making it smoother. On the tail though, since it's an actual bolt (or I misunderstood it that it should just LOOK LIKE a Bolt like Pikachu's) shouldn't a light be illuminating from it? Or you can even try to make it a little longer to get the shape of a bolt even just a little. Also when I didn't read your post first and just cluelessly looked at your sprite, shhh.... I thought it was its di** Hahah! :P :)

Hence why I mentioned it was a tail. ^^;

It's supposed to look like a lightning bolt, I should have elaborated on that. Here is a version where the head isn't outlined and I lengthened the tail. I can't make it longer, otherwise it wouldn't match up with the artwork.