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Originally Posted by Michielleus View Post
Well, since I was playing this with my friends and got to the sixth gym I decided I might as well finish it.

Groudon, Gardevoir, Breloom, Solrock, Swellow and Hariyama.
Derpizard, Derpizard, Derpizard, Derpizard, Derpizard and Derpizard.

It was quite funny, but if you've played Ruby before you can know what Pokemon the other trainer sends out. But good job anyways!

Also, I've found a little bug. Some overworlds don't show up well in foggy areas. The outline gets light.

Well then! I didn't expect anyone to finish it so soon! Awesome job. Just pm me with all of the information about your character that you would like to have created and I'll draw it up for you.

On the bug, I don't know if it is the fog or the GroudonDerpizard, screwing with the palettes. After making this game, I learned more about overworlds and how the palettes for each actually have specific slots and they have data which chooses which palette has priority to a certain slot when two palettes are going for the same slot. This is what I think is happening here, since I pretty much just copied and pasted the OW data for a Derpizard over and over again, they probably just had the same palette slot and a different palette as the GroudonDerpizard has a stone grey palette before awakening. I will look into this!

Anyways, great job. Glad to see I really didn't have too many bugs in this game. Have a good day!

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