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An hour of tinkering with Tile Layer Pro and Googling after my post yesterday, I found out that the Frames in Pokemon Crystal are in 1BPP Format and managed to change it along with the main Fonts and most of the map tiles.

Now I'm trying to change the sprites for the objects found inside buildings such as tables, tv, computer, etc. For some reason I can't find the sprites by opening VBA's Map and Tile Viewer, taking note of the address, palette, etc. Open the Memory Viewer to locate the tile's address, and search for about 5 - 6 bytes found in the address in a hex editor. It can't locate such string.

I found the tile for the bed post and managed to edit it but I can't find the rest of the tiles. I now doubt that those images are compressed but are just scattered. Let me see if Tile Molester is much better than TLP as what most people say....