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Hey tributes and victors, congratulations on 100 posts! To commemorate this milestone, I am going to temporarily put a break in the rules. From now on, every Pokemon you catch or receive get an extra life. All you have to do is say "1UP" when a Pokemon dies in your game, and you can heal it. Note that you can only do this once per Pokemon per game.

Anyway, I would like to share an update of my progress with the other tributes.

Update #3 - Progress with Problems

What happened:
I began by leaving Celadon City with Career Tribute Erika and her henchwomen dead in their tracks. I left for Lavender Town so I could save one of my allies, Mr. Fuji, from the clutches of Team Rocket. On the way, I met a little Gastly named Homes. I offered for him to join me in my quest to win the Hunger Games and he accepted. However, it was not easy to get Homes up to speed with Boggs. He almost died several times. Eventually, however, Homes became a Haunter and it got easier. I destroyed Pokemon Tower and all the tributes inside before I left, however. I then beat the Snorlax brothers and went to Fuschia City. I beat the Gym Leader there, picked up HM03 Surf and HM04 Strength, and went on my way. I hadn't realized, however, I had left Saffron City in the clutches of evil Team Rocket. I went to Cinnabar with the Dome Fossil in hand, hoping I could revive an extinct ally. I still can't believe that the kid who owned it just gave it to me. I met a Gamemaker who offered to revive my fossil, and I had no choice but to accept. Since the process was long and boring, I stepped out for a minute and examined the Gym of the Career Tribute Blaine, who was known for his fiery temper. I realized the door was locked and wondered how I would find the key. But, I noticed, my fossil was ready for revival. I went into the Laboratory and received my fossil, a Kabuto named Mitchell. I also brought in my Old Amber, a present from District 13. I revived it to become an Aerodactyl, named Jackson. I then set up camp on the island and pondered about how I would find the key to the Gym.


Homes Lv. 48

Dream Eater
Confuse Ray
Night Shade

Boggs Lv. 55

Rock Slide

Mitchell Lv. 30


Jackson Lv. 30

Wing Attack

That's all for now. Remember the rule break and use it to your advantage! May the odds be ever in your favor!
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