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>Try not to give into temptation of hugging your dear little girl partner.

You try really, really hard. Much to your relief, you succeed.

>Well knight of the sacred fire good job finding your 'pokemon, now we have to find a way to transport Vesta, see if she can move it not look for something you can use to transport her with. Also check with the pokedex, I think little Vesta evolved.

Pokédex says no; apparently she's the same thing, just... bigger. Having room to grow really seems to have suited her; her development might have been stunted before by the small dimensions of the jar.

>I'd suggest looking for something transparent to hold Vesta in; using her as a lantern wouldn't be such a bad idea in this place. - Actually, aren't you near a beach? I'm not too sure how the process of creating glass works proper, but perhaps you, the man who managed to construct a gun without tools, will be able to.
>yeah , find a way to create a jar to keep vesta inside. Sand turns into glass if heated but you won't be able to give it a shape of jar....

All right, look.

There's been quite some suspension of the normal laws of reality so far here. The Narrator has been willing to allow you a boat here or a gun there, just because you really need it.

What he will not allow, though, is the sudden and miraculous creation of a large jar out of beach sand by a complete glass-making novice. Woodwork, he could just about justify as part of your pre-programmed player character knowledge. Jamming things together inside a piece of copper? Blind luck. But vitreous engineering? Nope. There's no way in hell you can get away with that one.

On the plus side, Vesta can move. She does so quite slowly, especially when moving over normally non-flammable surfaces like stone or water, but she isn't rooted to one spot. She will, however, dwindle with every move she makes without fuel.

You suppose you could leave a trail of seaweed and driftwood for her to burn along like a fuse, but you're not sure how long you could keep it up for. Though, having said that, there does seem to be a bountiful supply of weed in here.

Also limpets. It's a goddamn limpet-fest. If you had a knife, you could prise them off the rocks and throw them to Vesta, or, if you were really desperate, you could eat them yourself.

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