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Quote originally posted by JNathan:
Simple solution : don't talk about it.
Varion, this game looks really good. Keep up the good work. It's also one of the first non-pokemon games there so good luck on it!
This isn't the only non pokemon game here.

Quote originally posted by Dradier234:
Well... in the whole community, theres actually at least 100 non pokemon games, but most of them were long ago. Now everyone talks about and makes pokemon games, that's what I call boring... No offense to all you pokemon developers out there, I still like pokemon, I just want to see a change once in a while, and this is definitely it!
I feel you've high expectations for this. :l

1. Starting to add my own weapons and Armor.
2. Menu System made by; [need to go check who did it; brb]
3. First dungeon, isn't very long though.

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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