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Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
Simple solution : don't talk about it.
Varion, this game looks really good. Keep up the good work. It's also one of the first non-pokemon games there so good luck on it!
This isn't the only non pokemon game here.

Originally Posted by Dradier234 View Post
Well... in the whole community, theres actually at least 100 non pokemon games, but most of them were long ago. Now everyone talks about and makes pokemon games, that's what I call boring... No offense to all you pokemon developers out there, I still like pokemon, I just want to see a change once in a while, and this is definitely it!
I feel you've high expectations for this. :l

1. Starting to add my own weapons and Armor.
2. Menu System made by; [need to go check who did it; brb]
3. First dungeon, isn't very long though.

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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