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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
The settings in the Settings script section of Essentials are for things the user may well want to change. I really doubt anyone would care to alter how much money the player loses in a trainer battle. I don't think it's worth making a setting out of it.

There's no need for yet another battle parameter when you could just use a Global Switch. While the Switch is on, the player can't lose money from trainer battles. The question is whether that or your suggestion is better. An alternative is to put the player's money in a Global Variable just before the battle, and add it back to the player's money variable afterwards - this is probably the easiest solution.
If you think so...

Neat way of restore the player money, but If someones wants I recommend this way: in PokeBattle_Battle script section, after line 'moneylost=pbMaxLevel(@party1)' add line 'moneylost=0 if $game_switches[SWITCHNUMBERHERE]'.
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