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Well jobs I got paid for... was a janitor at my after-school program place for like a year, quit after getting too lazy to do it. Worked in a small lunchtime café for six months before the place shut down. Now I've been working at IKEA for six months and it's really nice I guess. I'm mainly a cashier and I'm quite a bit more adept than a lot of the people hired within half a year of me. I also work in Smaland now- the childcare place- because they lost a bunch of people and I've been getting drained dealing with adults. My coworkers and managers are great. But a lot of customers are just... dumb. And then they get angry that they're making dumb mistakes or can't comprehend the way things work. The children are pretty bratty sometimes too but I can just ignore them. Working at IKEA... I don't mind it when I'm there and doing it. I just don't like it when I actually think about it.

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