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I participated in a Booster tourney for the pre-release of Plasma Freeze today. We built 40 card decks out of 6 boosters. My deck was as follows:
My deck consists of:
8 dark energy
8 psychic energy
1 plasma energy
1 superior energy retrieval
1 frozen city
1 Eevee
1 Espeon
2 Nidoran F
1 Nidorina
1 Nidoran M
2 Beldum
2 Yamask
1 Cohagrigus
3 Pawniard
1 Bisharp
2 Deino
2 Zweilous
1 Hydreigon
1 Sneasel

I played 3 rounds. My first round I put up a really good fight, but lost because all my energy cards were on the bottom of my deck. ;.;

My second round was done in a matter of minutes, as the only 3 Basic cards I was able to get put were swept easily, and I just couldn't find any evos for them.

Round 3 was a slight mixture of the last two rounds, but more on both sides. I managed to beat my final opponent with much difficulty.
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