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First post. [lol, screw the new member forum]

Anyway, here's my BW2 team :>

Emboar -> I chose this over other staters because its typing is unique (loljk), and I used Serperior and Samurott on my previous BW games already, so why not try something new?

Lucario -> OK, just like 80% of the playerbase, everyone wanted Lucario in their team. It looks good, it's strong, it's versatile, and it's not a bad Pokemon at all. I also got an Adamant Nature one, which is pretty cool :>

Magnezone -> You might be thinking: "LOLNUB STACKING TYPES" (well, more on Lucario's case), and you're kind of right. I was just into BW2 and I really wanted to have a new experience as opposed to my BW team. In short, I want my team to consist of Pokemon unavailable in early BW.

So at this point, I have defeated the Electric-type Gym Leader. The next one was a Ground Type Leader, and as you look back at my team (I still had Pignite though), we know that I was going to have a bad time.

Swanna -> It was a wee Ducklett before I defeated the gym, so I had to level grind like crazy to actually beat him. I managed to do so: though, it was with the help of my Eviolite Pignite taking a Bulldoze from his Excadrill. In short, one of the most memorable Pokemon of my team, and it was a great teammate.

Flygon -> After checking of what's in store in the volcanic routes, I managed to see not one, but TWO Trapinch. The first one I managed to catch, but since I am really picky on natures (it was Calm), I decided to give another go. It literally took 15 minutes to find just another ONE Trapinch. I was thinking it was not worth it, but hey, it is an Adamant Nature Trapinch. This really made my day (techwise at least).

Roserade -> Roserade was once a Tangrowth, though I changed it due to coverage issues. Roserade didn't have any better coverage moves, but at least it hits decently hard while still being able to outpace a number of Pokemon. She is, though, the least useful member of my team, and just barely pulls of her weight to stay there.

I am still currently battling the E4 for the first time, and most of my Pokemon are around the level 57-59ish. So I need to grind a bit to defeat them.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed this long-ish review of my team. This is my first post, so sorry if I did anything wrong XP.