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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
Hello' everyone, I am working on a Java-Based Cross Platform Program to allow hackers to edit the wild data for GBA games and not be limited to the first 3 generations like advance map does. This is manly intended for the use of the 649 patch, but I can also be used for fakemon hacks since the list of pokemon is user-defined.

Here is the problem, I can not find out how wild data is structured in FireRed. I tried using offsets that are given' in advance map, and using backwards searches with a hex editor but I am running dry. I am hoping someone has the information, or that someone can at least help find it, without it I can not continue with the program. I already made the GUI, I just need to implement the structure. Here is a screen shot to show the program so far.
Did you ever track down the data you edited? If not, you can easily find where it is by making an ips-file and use a hex editor to open the ips-file (that of course now holds the content between the original file and the hacked file with edited wild pokemon data). Ips file data structure is the following:

[First 5 bytes = "PATCH" in ASCII code][3-byte data address][How many bytes to write to this address (2 bytes)][Data to write to...][3-byte data address][How many bytes to write to this address (2 bytes)][Data to write to...]....["EOF" in ASCII]

What comes to other things, I like what I'm seeing here
And especially, since I've been doing similar things with Java myself just now.
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