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Originally Posted by Kitori View Post
@ G-Money: Thanks~!

@Leafblade77: Welcome to the club and good luck on your hunt~

@Spritingyoshi22: Congrats on the corsola!

@TSE: Congrats on the rumble Pidgeott! I've never played rumble myself and now I'm kind of interested in going back and playing it... it looks pretty fun~

@DACALSTA: Welcome back!

@Kirozane: Congrats on the woobat! It's so cute with it's green color~ I think Mint is the perfect name. :3

@TSE & FishyFins: I'm thinking about doing a badge quest too now that you guys have been talking about it! I had been intending on doing a monotype challenge but I'm more interested in shinies and think this would be more fun for me... Should we do something for the club with this? I was thinking about starting a thread in the challenge forum since there doesn't appear to be one yet...
If anyone wants to add me on Skype (I'm TheShiny Eevee it should say from UK) I'm racing with a youtuber called GlasstheDragon in my HG/SS badgequest. We're starting the race tomorrow starting with starters. If anyone wants to join that I'd love to add more people to the race I'll certainly post in a challenge thread if one gets made!

On topic: I hatched about 100 Eevee eggs today. No cigar. I'm not sure if I'll continue hatching tomorrow or keep going with my starters hunt for the race. I think if I get a starter before GTD in the race then I'll continue Eevee before he gets one, but saying that I really want Eevee for my 50 sub special. Any suggestions? :/

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