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I would say yes to the first one. My panic attacks are getting more frequent and severe.

I want to just lie down and cry. I don't want to feel like I can't go near my best friend anymore just because I'm too nervous around her. I want to choke someone when I'm around her.

I feel like I'm slowly going insane.

My hands shake and.. There's a pencil... I could pick up that pencil... I could throw it into her head.. I could impale her and end this right now..

No she's my best friend. I love her.

I can't do that.

Kill me. I'm dizzy.

Mr. Davis says to pay attention.. Who's Mr. Davis? Why am I here?

I'm tired.. Oh god I'm gonna pass out in class. I'm hyperventilating.. Oh god she's looking.

Don't pass out. Don't throw the pencil. It's okay. Everything will be okay.

Run away. Run away.



And so I ran.

I ran down the block.

And I got caught.

And when I got home I took boo out and just .. I got baked.

I wasn't nervous. I wasn't dizzy. I wasn't scared. I didn't want to rip someone's head off. I didn't want to run away.

I have problems.

I'd trade lives with anyone.

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