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Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
I havent read it. But from what I have heard and seen its a bit more darker at times than the show.
Yeah, it is a little darker, but I like it. I really enjoyed the first two volumes. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the art because it is kind of funky.

Originally Posted by ♣Gawain♣ View Post
I already downloaded the comics in mediafire. Can't wait for the next volumes. Some say that the MLP fandom is like a cancer. What is your opinion about this?
As much as I don't really like Pinkie, I say that without her the whole show would lack the lulz we love.
Yeah, I can't wait to buy the next few ones :3

And I wouldn't say it is a cancer... I think that is a little too harsh. There are much worse things out there.