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Alright guys, that's it for the week! Glad you all enjoyed the episode~ If you wanna add any comments or ask questions, please kindly take them on over to the AG & BF Discussion Thread. Seriously, I'll talk to you if you post in it. Don't be hesitant.

Our next episode was actually chosen by Luke, because Necrum and I have no idea about DP and figured we should probably watch some of it. So this week we'll be watching A Pyramiding Rage! Bulba link there as usual. Essentially it covers Paul's battle with Pyramid King Brandon. I'm honestly not sure how well this one will work just watching it as a one-off episode because there seems to be some plot floating around, but we'll see! You guys have from May 6 to May 12 to watch and discuss this episode, so get to it~
only in our dreams are we free
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