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Originally Posted by DForcelight View Post
Hello. I have a Question. I fought Champion Joseph before I talked to Chaomega and got the 4 Dragons. Now I only got 5 dedtiny fragments and the one from Joseph is missing Now I am unable to finish? Because the last two patty will give. But for that I need the one from Joseph
Joseph is first located in Twilight Path. After the event with Yiyan, he'll now be located inside the Hevah League.
Try and talk to him there. :3

Originally Posted by adiabatic View Post
Hi there, My problem is after i defeat new champ jimmy the game save and plays the ending part after the "unpacking.." text my game always crash and the save file is always before i fight jimmy.. im playing in my n95 w/ vbag emulator, im dying to finish this game thanks

I guess I'll have to make a separate patch where the credits list will be skipped. :\
But how did you survive the credits after the Dragon Castle event?

Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
Found MissingoNO or w.e go to where you meet zapados the fisrts time and use fising rod. I uesd super rod. You will find it with its name as ????????? It cant be cuaght. I dont think atleast.
Thanks for that report. :3


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