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Haha yeah, berserk's stuff can't be compared to this. Doubt even the manga goes as far as berserk. Quite a lot of **** in it is just a little too messed up. Plus it doesn't even stop at gore. There are other...horrific scenes as well. -shrugs- But I love it. Got an amazing plot and really likeable characters. Twists are wtf worthy but all have some amazing subtle foreshadowing. <3

anyway, on-topic: I heard people were getting the feels/being teary eyed in the very first episode. Which scene gave you dem feels? I personally felt the last scene about erin's mom was intended to be quite emotionally moving. It was really well animated. But since we didn't have much connection with the character in question/she didn't get much screen time, it sorta failed to get to me. I'm not really liking Erin much, either. Mikasa, on the other hand, I love. Dunno why.

Derozio here. I'm a friendly guy, I believe. So feel free to talk to me. Hover over to see my PC Pair. I used to be an active member around the forum. Not anymore. But, y'know, Anime is mai waifu and laifu. So I can be found lurking/posting around at the anime and manga forums. My current theme is based on Kamui from Gintama. Wanna talk? VM or PM me.
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