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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Keldeo's new forme didn't have any stat changes Derk :(

Anyway I don't think it'd be like Keldeo, and we'll actually get a difference in stats, at least Specially I think.
That's...exactly what I was confused about! but MRAS clarified so it's all good now. ^^;

In any case, is it really wrong that part of me hopes this thing pulls a Keldeo? I mean, think about it guys: Does Mewtwo necessarily need to be any stronger than what it is currently? It already has a beast special attack and speed, so what else doesn't really need to help it shine out there in the battlefield? I suppose it can be argued that a bit more special attack and speed wouldn't hurt but I have a question for those people: How much is too much? I just really hope that its stats don't skyrocket because again, Mewtwo doesn't really need it to be formidable in any way (or more formidable than it already is currently).

Maybe, and just maybe have a 5-10 point increase in special attack and speed if absolutely anything had to be touched, but that'd be just about it.
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