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Originally Posted by TaichiWind View Post

I'm... not really sure how I'm supposed to answer that first question...? Someone please explain??? As for which Jack... Probably Robo-Slick. I dunno, I like robots, okay?

Stuff that's Homestuck related but nobody cares about:
I'm considering changing my TTGL Viral theme into something Homestuck related. Most likely a character-theme, using the same format as I am using now. I don't know which character to use though. Suggestions?
I guess we mean, what blood would you have, how would you act, what would your interests be etc... Basically, if you were a fantroll yourself, what would you be like? :)

Totally get a Homestuck theme! I'm sporting a Jade one atm. You should take Dirk or Bro or both because ownage.
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