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Originally Posted by ~RNC~ View Post
Sad story, we passed by a little yard sale on the side of the road like 8 times, well on the about to pass ninth time I said "Babe, there's pokemon things there" so he stopped and the onlt thing I found was a lonely little pokeball that had nothing in it so I brought it home went to my pokecenter room and put a snorlax in it.
So saddened, but worst for me, I went to 4 yard sales this weekend, no Pokemon items at all.

On the good news, My talking Tsutaja/Snivy plush arrived today, I'm so happy now... the photo:
I know she doesn't belong along with the rest of the sea otters, but I just took the photo there, I'm finding a place to organize her. Here she is still in the box.

Once again I only took the photo where my sea-otter Pokemon are, then I'll move her. Here she is out of the box, took out the plastic that covers the batteries so she talk....


edit: May 8th -reason to not double post- order my first Eeveelution, ordered a Leafeon plush. I'm not 100% fan of them (because those Eeveelutions are based on foxes, not much of a canine fan) but still being a Pokemon fan I'll eventually end up getting the entire collection. Next up I want to either get Glaceon or pre-order Sylveon, hard to decide.
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