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chapter two: COLETTE / Ferrow Forest

‘’I guess. It seems like that is the best thing to do. So, meet you again, somewhere. Good luck.’’ And he walked back in the direction they came from.
… He sure didn’t waste any time getting away from me, huh.
She’d turned away from him to go her own way, but Colette was startled when suddenly his voice sounded from behind her again.
‘’I’m Javier Serrano, by the way.’’
‘’Nice to…’’ She sighed. When she turned around, he’d left again already. ‘’…meet you too.’’ She stuck out her tongue in his general direction. Hmph. You’re not going to find our thief by backtracking, anyway!

She walked along the path, keeping an eye out in case Frank really did show up again. Being honest however, she’d already given up on the search a little. Of course if she did run into him again, she’d kick his ass. Hopefully. But until then examining the forest around her was far more interesting. The girl let out Torchic as to let him explore with her, possibly to get some necessary training in; after all, they needed to get stronger, and fast. Perhaps she could even add a Grass-type to her team.
Together they were looking through the bushes and trees to find critter Pokémon to train against, but apparently luck wasn’t on their side. After about half an hour of non-stop searching, Colette and Torchic sat down in the tall grass to take a little rest. This area of the forest was a little darker than where they'd been before, so she assumed they were a lot further in the woods by now. Little light came through the trees, and they seemed closer together as a whole as well. This definitely wasn't where Frank went, at least. The brunette took out a sandwich and gave Torchic a little Pokémon food. When she did, though, suddenly a bit of grass near her began to rustle.
‘’What… Torchic, look.’’ Colette got up, and Torchic readied himself for battle. They slowly crept up closer to the rustling grass… Until it suddenly stopped. Colette and Torchic looked at each other and snuck to an arm's reach. When she tried to move the grass apart to see the Pokémon, the grass suddenly jumped up! A cute Oddish popped out. A little scared, it backed off a few steps, but it seems curiosity got the better of it; it kept watching the girl and her Pokémon closely.
A few moments were lost to a staredown between Oddish and Torchic. ‘’… Oh! Right! Torchic, use Scratch!’’
And the battle started! Torchic ran up to Oddish to Scratch it, but Oddish was flexible. Waiting right until Torchic got close, it turned away with a twirl and ran towards Colette.
Torchic however came right back as well and this time managed to Scratch Oddish from behind. Oddish tripped over by the blow and rolled over once. It got back up quickly, and looked not amused. ‘’Great Torchic, try attacking it again!’’
Torchic chirped with excitement and made to do another Scratch. It hit, but that was the last straw for Oddish. It struck back with an Absorb. That could become a problem should the battle last too long…
‘’Torchic! Okay, we’ll have to finish it now. Use… Agility!’’
Torchic was a little disoriented, but didn’t let that stop him. It closed its eyes, relaxed its muscles, and regained – no, it even improved its composure from before. Using Agility worked wonders: Torchic suddenly launched at Oddish like a bullet. He jumped, and this time Scratched Oddish with both of its feet. Oddish fell to the ground, struggling a little to get back up; this was her chance. Colette quickly dug in her bag and threw one of her Pokéballs! Torchic chirped victoriously, but Colette waited in suspense as the Pokéball enclosed the Oddish and dropped into the grass . . .
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