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Originally Posted by FIKRI 29 View Post
What your Best pokemon each type not legendary?
The best pokemon of each class in my opinion (looking not only their power but their appearance) is:

Fire : Magmortar (It's one of my favorite pokemons)
Water : Swampert (Their inmunity to electric atacks is cool with their design)
grass : Chikorita (I know she isn't powerful, but i love the chikorita of Ash XD)
electric: electivire (I agree with Fikri, their design is so intimidate and great power)
ice : Lapras (looks like Nessie, and good resistance)
Normal : Linoone (I change snorlax for linoone, because this last for his ability pick up and hm slave great work are always a important member in my in-game teams)
Fighting : Lucario (I agree again with fikri)
Psychic : Alakazam (One of my 2 most favorite pokemon). Its like Neo of matrix with the spoon)
Dark : Hydreigon
Ghost : Gengar (Great speed and attack)
Poison : Weezing (A lot of times save the team rocket to be captured)
Bug : Yamenga (Nice speed and attack)
Flying : Staraptor (True, great attack and speed)
Steel : Metagross (No doubts about this one)
Rock : Tyranitar (I think the same)
Ground : Marowak (With their bone, duplicate his power)
Dragon : Dragonite (One of the overrall more powerful pokemon, but mainly he's my other most favorite pokemon)