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Quote originally posted by FIKRI 29:
What your Best pokemon each type not legendary?

The best pokemon of each class in my opinion (looking not only their power but their appearance) is:

Fire : Magmortar (It's one of my favorite pokemons)
Water : Swampert (Their inmunity to electric atacks is cool with their design)
grass : Chikorita (I know she isn't powerful, but i love the chikorita of Ash XD)
electric: electivire (I agree with Fikri, their design is so intimidate and great power)
ice : Lapras (looks like Nessie, and good resistance)
Normal : Linoone (I change snorlax for linoone, because this last for his ability pick up and hm slave great work are always a important member in my in-game teams)
Fighting : Lucario (I agree again with fikri)
Psychic : Alakazam (One of my 2 most favorite pokemon). Its like Neo of matrix with the spoon)
Dark : Hydreigon
Ghost : Gengar (Great speed and attack)
Poison : Weezing (A lot of times save the team rocket to be captured)
Bug : Yamenga (Nice speed and attack)
Flying : Staraptor (True, great attack and speed)
Steel : Metagross (No doubts about this one)
Rock : Tyranitar (I think the same)
Ground : Marowak (With their bone, duplicate his power)
Dragon : Dragonite (One of the overrall more powerful pokemon, but mainly he's my other most favorite pokemon)