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@FIKRI 29: Excavalier is a steel type Pokemon, not a ground type...

Anyway, here's my list:
Normal: Zangoose.
Tied with Breloom for favorite Pokemon overall. It's like the perfect package of power and looks.
Flying: Dodrio
Ah, the badass looking bird. Stat-wise not the greatest out there, but he gets the job done.
Grass: Breloom
High attack, good looks, and a combination of my favorite moves & abilities has made Breloom one of my all-time faves.
This was a tough one to decide, in the end I just went with the one I used most. I don't really think I have to explain why he's awesome, right?
Water: I'm not even going to bother here, the list would be waaayyy too long. XD
Electric: Electabuzz
Yeah, I'm not a great fan of the majority of gen IV's new evolutions. Even though Electivire is by no means bad, in terms of both power and looks, I still prefer Electabuzz.
Ice: Walrein
Hmm, I never been too fond of the ice type. Mostly because half of my older teams were all weak to it. XD Loved Walrein and Lapras though. Still got that Team Aqua's Walrein card I got together with Pokemon Sapphire.
Bug: Leavanny/Heracross/Scizor/Ninjask
Can't choose =/
Rock: Archeops
There aren't many rock Pokemon out there which I'm particularly fond of, but damn, this one is pretty epic. His ability is a let-down, but y'know, you can't have it all. XD
Each of em got its own charms, I really can't choose.
Steel: Lucario
One of the most popular Pokemon out there. Like most others, it's the combination of power and looks that earned him a spot.
Fighting: Hitmontop Technically speaking, Breloom should be here on the list as well XD
The Flexible break-dancing brawler, he became an instant favorite the moment I saw him. XD Funny how I never actually raised one in-game... They are so hard to get...
Poison: Vileplume
Comes in as a second on my fave grass Pokemon list, I've always adored Vileplume. Rivals Breloom when it comes down to looks, too bad his offensive moveset isn't too great.
Dark: Houndoom
Alright, his defense may suck, but that's about it. XD The rest is shear awesomeness.
Psychic: Reuniclus/Grumpig
Another tie! While Reuniclus packs more power than Grumpig, I really can't choose between the two of them.
Ghost: Mismagius
Perhaps the only Sinnoh introduced evolution I really like.
Dragon: Haxorus
Power, swords + dragon dance and dem fangs make for another favorite.

Copy this, makes it easier for y'all to fill in.